Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Baristaboy Rig Demo

A quick head rig demo for one of my film characters, Baristaboy. This rig was pretty fun to do since I needed special effects for the steam coming from his head.

I was originally going to draw the effects, but using some simple deformers I was able to get a pretty effective 'steam' rig that looked 2D enough to fit with the film rigs.

Baristaboy Head Demo from Alison Chan on Vimeo.

Barista Body Rig Demo from Alison G Chan on Vimeo.

Friday, 10 April 2015

A FRUITfly Rig

I had some time in the evening and threw together a quick rig last night!

Little Pearfly here took about 3 hours to put together. He was a great exercise to understand how lattices and non-linear deformers can work together in a rig!

FRUITfly Rig from Alison Chan on Vimeo.

FRUITfly rig demo from Alison Chan on Vimeo.

This little rig was WAY easier to animate with, and way more flexible too!
I'll definitely stick to a system closer to this for rigs later on...

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Newer Snapshots

It's really hard to balance colours for every screen. These colours vary so much from every machine!

Poster Time!

Here's a poster for the film! I might have to re-format it for industry day, since we're getting smaller poster stands. :)

Happy Go Lucky Set

One of the plusses of doing a flat looking 3D film is that the layouts feel free!
Here are some shots of the cafe set the film takes place in:

This set was really fun to build! The extra nice bit is that it looks pretty much just like this in the viewport in Maya when I'm animating, since very simple shaders were used to get the look. It was nice getting a taste of what the film would look like just from the play blasts! 

What it looks like in Maya's Viewport:

I definitely want to do another project in this style!

Coming Soon! The Happy Go Lucky Crew

Finishing touches are being made :) 

This was done for our year's artbook! 
Baristaboy, XHead, Cloverboy and Lovey Dovey will all show up in their film here soon. :)

Early Film Concept Work

Hey all!

As production is finally finishing up, I thought I'd start sharing some of the stuff from this year!

Here's some early concept work from first semester I doodled up to help sort out some ideas for the characters in my film.

I drew these up knowing that I'd have to re-use the adult rigs to keep rigging time down to a minimum... I have to say drawing these out was really fun!

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