Thursday, 20 December 2012

Misc Mid-term Things

A little bit of life drawing from the 2012 Royal Winter Fair, and a little bit of painting from the middle of term. A few animal gestures:

Painting process, from digital tonal and colour study to traditional final:

End of Term Update - Layout

Some of my favourite pieces done at the end of term for Layout:

The original piece of a larger interior

And with edits from our teacher Peter Bielicki. His feedback really helped me to understand the use of lighting to cut figures out more clearly.

Quick and dirty! These were fun to do :)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

End of Term Update - Sketchbook

A few odds, ends and pages from my sketchbook towards the end of term:

 Snatches and bits here and there. If you see a lot of "1-" next to the sketches, it's a mark that signifies that the sketch counts a a point for the day! I started a sketchbook games for myself recently where for every 100 drawings, I get one day off for other interests. So, in the work week it breaks down to about 20/day. A vast majority of these drawings were done anywhere from 1 minutes - 5 minutes each. Thank you for looking!

End of Term Update - Caricature Portfolio

Wow! It's been a while! After this update drop, I will have to dig around to see what else there is I can drop here :) First, here is my recent Caricature Portfolio for Peter Emslie:

 After the interview, I can see where I really needed to push the design and shape, and move away from the more literal shapes if I want to caricature a figure.
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