Thursday, 20 December 2012

Misc Mid-term Things

A little bit of life drawing from the 2012 Royal Winter Fair, and a little bit of painting from the middle of term. A few animal gestures:

Painting process, from digital tonal and colour study to traditional final:

End of Term Update - Layout

Some of my favourite pieces done at the end of term for Layout:

The original piece of a larger interior

And with edits from our teacher Peter Bielicki. His feedback really helped me to understand the use of lighting to cut figures out more clearly.

Quick and dirty! These were fun to do :)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

End of Term Update - Sketchbook

A few odds, ends and pages from my sketchbook towards the end of term:

 Snatches and bits here and there. If you see a lot of "1-" next to the sketches, it's a mark that signifies that the sketch counts a a point for the day! I started a sketchbook games for myself recently where for every 100 drawings, I get one day off for other interests. So, in the work week it breaks down to about 20/day. A vast majority of these drawings were done anywhere from 1 minutes - 5 minutes each. Thank you for looking!

End of Term Update - Caricature Portfolio

Wow! It's been a while! After this update drop, I will have to dig around to see what else there is I can drop here :) First, here is my recent Caricature Portfolio for Peter Emslie:

 After the interview, I can see where I really needed to push the design and shape, and move away from the more literal shapes if I want to caricature a figure.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Some sketchbook sketches

I realized last night that I have very little from my sketch book on this blog!

These are doodles from yesterday and today:


I drew this way a lot last year, and I think I want to keep doing it this year. It's just like layout drawings, feeling out the surfaces and carving with the lines. I have to watch my structure, though. I need to draw from life more often and with the same attention as I do these kinds of free-hand doodles.

After I got into the scanning room, I played around in photoshop for awhile with the old man sketch:

I really need to watch my use of saturation, everything is too much too often, I think.

Thank you for your time!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Quick Update

I'm in a really strange, murky place.

Days and hours seem to knit together, and time and time again I look into my sketch book and drawings show up that I only half remember drawing. Some of my friends seem to be feeling about the same. Thank goodness the spring is here, (or at least it's been better weather lately), maybe it will clean out the hazy, foggy filter that has been looming over my above mentioned friends and I lately.

Thank you to all those that drop by for a visit to my blog! I really appreciate the visit.

Below are a smattering of assignment work that I've worked on since my last post:


Mastercopy - I finally got to put my precious Tekkonkinkreet artbooks to use. I love this movie so much.

Still Life Study
Learned a lot from this one. Still life painting terrify me, actually, there is a certain exactness about them I find intimidating. That means, probably, I should pursue it more aggressively.

Character Design

Character Timeline

This was a lot of fun to do! Taking a character through his lifetime was a great exercise. Doing lineless art work was gratifying. I was trying to find a fast and effective way of animating with the bare minimum brushstrokes, designing for quick work in flash. In the end, going through the process I found this kind of look took too long to animate and process fluidly. I will try again in the future to design for optimum fluidity and performance flexibility for flash projects.


Texture Assignment:

Realistic Texture

Unrealistic Texture

Artist Texture

I really adore crabs. These were inspired by creatures called Tank Crabs my dear friend Joe Z. created. The texture is all just scanned paper, and the colouring was very fast to do. I am still trying to refine the process to get more flexibility and speed out of photoshop.

Big Versus Small:

Meeting Crab Mountain
A giant, living crab. A thousand year old version of the large crabs above. The centaur character has come to fight. The blocks that run along side him towards the crab acted as beacons, which in the night time glow blue. This picture feels really washed out, so I need to watch my contrast in the future.

I found that making layouts is so relaxing after the block in. After getting the main mass established, it's all just carving out the details. Getting into the rhythm and then stepping back once and a while to see if it reads and if the details run along where the eyes needs to go kind of forms an ebb and flow feeling to the clean up in these kinds of layouts. It's a gratifying process and I think I will stick to it in future work.

Animation (Digested in Digitools)

Character Walk with Panning BG

I really need to work on my clean up! Overall I enjoyed the process, but I want to tighten my work up more. There is extra animation to go with this, and I am having fun refining it.

Thank you for your time!
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