Friday, 29 July 2011

Status Update

Ahh, I haven't posted at all. So sorry.

I've been drawing... everything I can. Two days ago, something suddenly clicked when it came to internal structure, so I thought I might post some of my sketches to show what I've been doing :)

I need to keep working on everything.
I feel like I'm on the verge of learning something important.

Something from back in June. Early practice stuff.

Sketches on the bus throughout July.

Animal studies from an art show I attended with friends earlier this month. Thanks Cecilia!

About a week ago I saw Nicole P Martin's blog update. I died. And was so inspired. Stared drawing physiques similar to one of the sketches she made.

Then sketches from the last few days:

The above study was awesome. I really need to study skeletons more. I really liked drawing through the figures to try and get an idea of the volume and structure.

When I'm done drawing, I like doodling little derpy things like this.

Thanks for reading!
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