Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Finally got my acceptance package!

YES. I finally have my rite of passage in my hands.
Got duplicate acceptance packages because I had to sort out the mailing address? Everything else seemed to come within 2-3 days. But I'm happy I have it now.

Kept drawing after the last post, almost continuously whenever it was possible, here's some of the better stuff:
Memory practice for anatomy + Top and Bottom angles practice. No reference. I like how it turned out! But I need to work on my shading. Guy sitting at the bottom isn't very accurate. :(
Creature Doodle, Pseudo-Kraken. I actually only drew this guy to have an adult form of some little ammonite-esque baby creatures I was drawing through a fossil-presentation. I love doodling animals.
 Some mall sketches from yesterday. I need to get faster, and to get shapes down more quickly. Once I get good at this, I'll try getting the personality and main shapes rather than a kind of quick likeness. 
Some doodles on the ride home. The man wearing the pagri that was sitting in front of me had AMAZING facial structure, and tied his head dress so well. Wicked beard too.
Thanks and happy days!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Learning the Materials

I haven't forgotten about this blog. I just recently got some toned paper, copics and the like. I'm currently trying to learn how to use the materials effectively while I'm working on my structural studies and loosening up to work on personal art again (since the portfolio stuff required ALL of my time). No a lot of cool stuff to show yet, but once I get the hand of the materials I'm going to post a sketch composite (or something just as valid?) to show what I've learned with it.
Lots of bus drawing. Trying to break way from angles and facial types/ structures I'm used to already and to really get a firmer grasp on the whole form rather than details.
Edit: After posting this post I did two new sketches I kind of liked.
Here are some of the things I've been drawing (except for the hand, everything was straight from my head... and it shows.):
First attempt at using the markers: 
 Kind of hard to control, but fun.

First Sketch on Tonal Sketchbook:
 Poor anatomy and lighting, but all the same, I loved drawing it. I learned the marker outline from one of my mentors, it really seems to make the image pop.

The first sketch I did after this post:
The shadows are TERRIBLE. They completely ruin the highlights I actually liked and are... misdirected. Gotta be more careful and mindful of the planes. Also very blank on the sleeve. Bright screens seem to wipe out the highlights. And, you can't see that close, but the girl's right eye is open.
My most recent sketch:
Anatomy and proportions are nonexistent. I really need to stress my structural studies. 
  I have a lot of complaints, but overall I'm happy I'm progressing. C: Gotta sketch more.
Thanks, and Happy days.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Awesome, awesome day.

Today I had a GREAT day, I got to hang out with my amazing 2nd year mentors, Kimberly Luu and Al Jerek Torrijas. There guys are my HEROES, and they work so crazy hard (and therefore have intensely high calibre work). I also got introduced to other cool second years, namely Steve (also a cool guy), Chris and James.

They taught me a lot and I am so stoked to be friends with them and get to learn from them. Rest time is over, it's time to boot camp it to prepare for first semester. 

I also wandered around Sheridan for a few hours yesterday, got a tour from one of my buddies Matt. I got to see interesting parts of the school I would've never otherwise gotten to see-- also introduced to two other cool guys C: . It's been an amazing week.

Still waiting for the acceptance package and related info, but that's ok.

Happy days!
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