Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Other Hobbies

This week has been a lot of fun!
This weekend, a few of my young friends and I inadvertently went to the Silver Snail's 35th anniversary for our comic book shopping. Awesome! 
Got a lot of the Authority Comics, which I love so dearly, and had a generally pretty enjoyable weekend. Interesting things happened.
Today I was feeling lucky, so I thought I might share one of my other hobbies:
I collect and distribute 4 leaf clovers! :) 
The envelope is an art project I'm doing that incorporates that hobby. 
Here are some pictures of some clovers I found today. Sorry for the blurry top photo, I couldn't focus the camera on them for some reason.

After I find them, I dry them, laminate them, and give them sporadically out to strangers and people who have helped me.
Finally, here are a few sketches from the weekend:
One from an AMAZING Sushi Bar we went to, Momiji Sushi bar. And some hands.


  1. Wow! So lucky! Save some of that luck for the rest of us! :D I love your hand drawings. What did you use to draw them? Also love your sketch books!

  2. Thanks a bunch. Do you want a clover? It's easy to go out and grab a few to laminate and hand out, if you ever wanted one :) It's funny, I feel lucky, but it's never been because of the clovers. They're sort of a symptom of luck, if that makes sense?

    I use a... zebra? refillable pen for my hand drawings, and I wouldn't have gotten my sketchbook if it weren't for my awesome mentors Al Jerek Torrijas and Kimberly Luu. C: I'm a lucky duck when it comes to the people in my life!

  3. That sounds really nice :). It's good to know that the person who puts up these wonderful blogs is happy. Because you know it shows in your work that you really enjoy what you do. Lucky you are indeed. :D

  4. Alison! That's super cool to learn about you. I think it's pretty darn awesome you do that in your spare time. I'm sure that makes someone smile everytime. Never stop doing that, not only is it nice but that's something you could turn into a symbol or an icon in your artwork. :)

  5. Aw, thanks so much :)
    I really enjoy it. I am running out of clovers though! One of these days, I think I need to spend some time out on the yard collecting some more clovers for the next round of envelopes and what not :)


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