Tuesday, 6 September 2011

First Day of Class!

Lecture was fun today. Everyone gets the same Tuesday lecture, so it was good to see some friends outside group E.

Here's a quick ball exercise I did after the lecture, to practice for the upcoming assignment:

Sorry for the sucky quality. I snuck into group C's animation principles class to use the flipbook stations, and their blinds were way open. It made getting a good shot hard with the cameras. And then I ran out of tape, so I couldn't keep the pegbars secure.

I learned a lot. A second year named Nick helped me with how to log into the school system and how to use flipbook! He also corrected the timing, and showed me how to flip and roll the pages to animate! I might want to add the internal circles next.

I am hoping to finish a few other exercises tonight.

And I did! In order-
Animations I did after this post:

Rough pencil test for the ball animation:

Rough Pendulum Test:

And then a VERY quick bowling ball test to see the path it should take:

I am ok with the first three. There's a lot to adjust, but I can address them when I get to my first animation principles class :) The last one is really painful because the ball shrinks as it moves, goes to fast, and on a poor path.

It's just a rough though, so I am happy.
OH! Also, sorry it's all so faint. It's all in blue col-erase right now so I can see the movement. Except the first practice, that was penciled in :)

For a first day of animation, I am so happy! The thrill of seeing my drawings move for the very first time was great. I got to work with so many great classmates today, and the only class we've had (at least, group D and E to my knowledge) is the lecture this morning!

Good day :)


  1. Sweetness! You're already diving head on into the assignments! Keep it going! :D
    Tape is a must for pegbars, unfortunately...

    Darn I can't see the youtube video, it says it's private. ><

  2. Thanks for commenting Nicole :) Makes me happy that you did.

    I fixed the settings too :) Forgive the badness, I really need to talk to the prof first.

    I hope I will get to meet you soon! :)

  3. Holy crap! Way to go! You are getting on top of this thing, very impressive! :D

  4. Thank you so much! :D
    I will work hard to make these up to snuff, and then produce good extra animations! :)


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