Friday, 9 September 2011

Some Final Animations

I found out that the class I thought was going to be animation was actually character design. I got some practice in a cartoon style, which I will try to add when I get to my scanner.

I did revise my animations with the help of Hoon and DQ, though!

I managed to catch my animation teacher today, and showed her my bouncing ball animation and new pendulum animation.

Bouncing Ball:

Need to add my name to the background, and to erase the bouncing ball when it disappears behind the windowsill. Michelle suggested tuning it into a bouncy creature, which I might do.


Did this after watching some of the Animator's Survival Kit Lectures. It taught me alot about spacing and how to determine where to put things. Still need to work on my timing, though. After I finished the pendulum, I realized how easy it would be to make it a turning cylinder, so I tried it. I was only able to do it because my roommate is awesome and gave me an amazing compass.

Happy day :)


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