Friday, 23 December 2011

Best of First Finals Week: Layout Portfolio

There were about 15 pieces to the end of semester layout portfolio, but these are the ones I liked most.

Favorite Layout Portfolio Pieces:
Quick Concept Sketches For Buildings

I did these sketches to work out buildings for the mini-world I would be working with for all of my layout stuff for after the first string of assignments I did with the Old-Arian temple. The whole portfolio was composed of pieces set in the mini world developed from these and some other sketches.

Horizontal Pan

This was the horizontal pan assignment we were asked to do, and it shouldn't have been in the portfolio-- but it shows the world best of all the stuff I did, so I added it.

Essentially, in this world, the strongest of the old world arian tribes have taken over the modern cities and over the last few decades have been using monoliths (the big monster species from the first assignment) to take the cities apart. New organic growth is slow to appear and the last dredges of humanity are used for farm work, if they haven't escaped to the remaining refuges the rebels have created. There's a racetrack coming up from one of the rebel faction cities!

Horizontal Pan Closeups

Staircase Homework

This was homework assignment from class. It shows the sky terrain of the world. High up above the sky, where the old arian tribes can't and won't go, there are floating rocks where some of the teens that have escaped roam. There aren't any rock chunks big enough for a town, but some that are big enough for houses. The tribes don't come up here because there are some pretty territorial beasts in the clouds.

Room Interior

What a bedroom in a rebel city might look like. Dirty and metal, but homely. There's a happy couple that lives here. They don't get to be home often to be together, but when they are at least home is nice.

Environment Scaling Homework

The homework was to keep character consistent in size throughout a space. I used my derp tadpoles because I was in a mood for a giggle in class.

Down-Street Homework

Another homework piece! This is the racetrack I mentioned earlier in the post. It's dangerous and made of junk. Dangerous because it's made of junk, I guess. Mostly put together by the richest of the rebel punks in the new cities they've established. Panels fall out frequently and cars fall out or get pierced by pieces of falling debris. The tunnel is based off of my derp tadpoles! At night, the eyes act as giant projection lamps to keep any incoming strangers highly visible to anyone on watch. I really tried to push flow more with this one, as I need to work on my composition.

Mood Landscape Layout

This was originally done for painting, but with the intent of practicing natural layout environments. The creature in the back is called a Seaslug, and it is generally harmless, except when it's eating. The about-to-be-consumed cities have antennae that stick out with broad signal-beacons for communication with one another at that great distance.

Three Point Perspective

Mostly done to try out my knowledge of three-point perspective and focal points. I really warped the perspective a lot while I was making this. It's also what some of the rebel cities on the cliffs might look like.

The Two Cities Homework

The homework this piece originated from was my house on the hill concept, which turned into cities based off the story of the two cities-- which ended up not having any hills. I like this one the most for mood.

In the end, except for the horizontal pan, the painting layout, and the concept sketches, I drew and photoshop coloured all of theses pieces in a day. I learned a lot and had so much fun :) Most of it had tadpoles and an attempted Tekkon Kinkreet style incorporated throughout.

Thanks especially to Tim, Jason and Andrew for teaching me for the layout pieces and always giving me advice! And to Richy for the invaluable photoshop tips and composition support. :)


  1. Wow, Alison, I'm ridiculously impressed with your knowledge of perspective, and environment drawing!

  2. Your final portfolio looks great, especially since you did half of them the night of...haha!

  3. Thanks Laura! I am humbled by your compliment.

    Tim Tim, thank you so much. I couldn't have done them without your help D:

  4. This is really beautiful! a wonderful reference to learn!! Thanks for sharing this! :D

    1. Thank you very much! :) that is really nice of you, and I'm glad it was helpful!


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