Friday, 23 December 2011

Best of my Finals Week

Hi! There are my favorite pieces of my first semester's end:

Ball and Tail Assignment

It was a lot of fun imagining what the tadpole might do, and then creating an environment around that path. I was imagining the tadpole from my expressions assignment.

Character Design:
Expression Clean Up

Just a cleaned up version of the expression sheet, but I like it nonetheless.

Artist Bio Assignment: Tekkon Kinkreet style character design

I chose to do a Tekkon style character because I'm obsessed with the movie right now. Enjoying it immensely while I take on layout as a focus for a bit.

I also wanted to put some of my bone drawing sheets up, but the PDFs aren't cooperating with the text. So I will post it later when I can get it going.

Layout Portfolio is next, I really liked it the most of the stuff I've done recently.


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  2. Your character expressions actually really helped me with my character I am working on. I did not copy anything, but it really inspired me. I found the image on google image search and I did not even realize you were a Sheridan student until I clicked the link to your page just now. I am a first year in the program and I just really felt the need to tell you how much I love your expression sheet.
    Carry on with amazing work, and good luck with your film!

    1. Hey Vanessa! Thanks for dropping by! I'm really glad this expression sheet was helpful to you. :) I hope you have fun in your studies (and a lot of coffee and I right? Haha).

      Also thank you for reminding me of my blog! I graduated in May and since then I've been a rigger at Guru Studio, so if I can help you out again in some way I'd love to~

      - Alison


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