Wednesday, 30 March 2011


A quick post to note my experience with the times to expect mail and notifications. 
Necessary information: Applied to Art Fundamentals and Sheridan Animation At the time of writing, lived in Mississauga (not too far from Oakville)
Quick run down of dates: 
December 2nd: 
I registered, and paid for my application to Sheridan BAA (Animation) and to Art Fundamentals on 
December 3rd: 
They mailed out my access.sheridaninstitute account information. 
December 6th:   
Received my access.sheridaninstitute account information. 
They mailed out information on how to access the application status. *I received the same account information twice, once from an Art Fundamentals letter, and once from my BAA (Animation) letter.* 
December 9th:  
Received two letters explaining how to access the application status for Art Fundamentals and BAA (Animation) on my access.sheridaninstitute account. 
Signed up for my portfolio hand in day (February 28th, 2011). 
February 18th: Got my Art Fundamentals offer on my access.sheridaninstitute account. 
Somewhere in here I went to Sheridan to pay my $50.00 portfolio fee, to avoid lines on the day of the hand-in. 
February 28th: Handed in my portfolio, and received it back later in the day. 
March 28th: My BAA (Animation) offer was posted on (The earliest offer I know of came march 30th, last year), and they sent out my score sheet. 
As a note: Acceptances and rejections started being sent out throughout the day, at no specific time. 
March 29th: My BAA (Animation) offer was posted on my access.sheridaninstitute account site Accepted my offer to the animation program 
As a note: Acceptances and rejections are posted throughout the day. 
March 30th: My score sheet came in the mail. 
March 31st: Still haven't received acceptance package yet (with information regarding the information meet April 30th) 
Registered for the Information Meeting anyways. :) 
People started getting their acceptance packages 

April 1st (or 2nd?): Application status for BAA (Animation) changed to 'Accept Conditional'  
Application status for Art Fundamentals changed to 'Applicant Denied Offer'
April 5th: Still didn't receive my acceptance package in the mail, so I e-mailed the registrar to request a package.
April 6th: Received a reply from the registrar that they have sent my mail out. 
April 11th: Sorted out that there was an error in sending the mail because there were duplicate names in the registry.
April 18th: Got a 'pay your fees' reminder letter. Still haven't gotten acceptance packages!
April 19th: Got my acceptance package, but got two since they requested a second one for me (oops?). One is dated April 8th, the other dated April 13th.
I'll continue to update as things come in the mail!


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