Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Happy Day!

I discovered my conditional offer at 5:03pm on March 29th at the access.sheridan site, though it had been posted earlier on the Ontario Colleges site on the March 28th (wish I had checked that sooner!)

With this happy news in mind, here are some snapshots of my full portfolio. I fully intend on taking more detailed shots (with better lighting) and scans later since the camera wiped out most of the structure and obscured the finer details and line quality of clean up. 

Sorry for the weird order, but I hope it's clear what's what anyways. All of the life drawing section (except for the hands):


  1. hello! this is an amazing portfolio to come across :) you're really inspiring! but I must ask...did you include your roughs in your portfolio?

  2. Hi, sorry for the wait!

    No, I didn't include my roughs. However, I did include blue underlying structure for the animation section of the portfolio, though it isn't as apparent in the photos.


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