Thursday, 31 March 2011

General Stuff

I'm not sure what to call this, but below are pictures of my set up for my animation portfolio stuff.

The scan of my score sheet is too blurry, so I'll get a better scan of it soon. 
My score sheet:
My Portfolio (My friend Neff pointed out that it looks small, but it's actually 18"x24"):

The mail I've gotten so far from sheridan programs:

The amount of newsprint I've used in the 6 months I worked on the portfolio:

My preferred supplies for life drawing (newsprint I drew on was 18"x24"):

My cardboard organization boards:

The sum of the rough work from the process of portfolio work:
My little work table (A light table is a must when doing your animation portfolio):  

And all the transfers I received while travelling for portfolio reasons. The left go bus ticket is for the first time I went with friends to Sheridan, and the right was for portfolio drop off. :)


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