Sunday, 17 April 2011

Learning the Materials

I haven't forgotten about this blog. I just recently got some toned paper, copics and the like. I'm currently trying to learn how to use the materials effectively while I'm working on my structural studies and loosening up to work on personal art again (since the portfolio stuff required ALL of my time). No a lot of cool stuff to show yet, but once I get the hand of the materials I'm going to post a sketch composite (or something just as valid?) to show what I've learned with it.
Lots of bus drawing. Trying to break way from angles and facial types/ structures I'm used to already and to really get a firmer grasp on the whole form rather than details.
Edit: After posting this post I did two new sketches I kind of liked.
Here are some of the things I've been drawing (except for the hand, everything was straight from my head... and it shows.):
First attempt at using the markers: 
 Kind of hard to control, but fun.

First Sketch on Tonal Sketchbook:
 Poor anatomy and lighting, but all the same, I loved drawing it. I learned the marker outline from one of my mentors, it really seems to make the image pop.

The first sketch I did after this post:
The shadows are TERRIBLE. They completely ruin the highlights I actually liked and are... misdirected. Gotta be more careful and mindful of the planes. Also very blank on the sleeve. Bright screens seem to wipe out the highlights. And, you can't see that close, but the girl's right eye is open.
My most recent sketch:
Anatomy and proportions are nonexistent. I really need to stress my structural studies. 
  I have a lot of complaints, but overall I'm happy I'm progressing. C: Gotta sketch more.
Thanks, and Happy days.



    I severely love the floating genie-thing in the second tonal drawing you posted :D

  2. Aww, thanks Lenny. The proportions are off :C Example: Beach Girl's legs have a form that no functional muscles could exist in ><

    But thank you! I think out of all the things I draw, the genie-thing was one of the most fluid-coming-out-of-pencil and enjoyable to highlight C:


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