Friday, 1 April 2011

Awesome, awesome day.

Today I had a GREAT day, I got to hang out with my amazing 2nd year mentors, Kimberly Luu and Al Jerek Torrijas. There guys are my HEROES, and they work so crazy hard (and therefore have intensely high calibre work). I also got introduced to other cool second years, namely Steve (also a cool guy), Chris and James.

They taught me a lot and I am so stoked to be friends with them and get to learn from them. Rest time is over, it's time to boot camp it to prepare for first semester. 

I also wandered around Sheridan for a few hours yesterday, got a tour from one of my buddies Matt. I got to see interesting parts of the school I would've never otherwise gotten to see-- also introduced to two other cool guys C: . It's been an amazing week.

Still waiting for the acceptance package and related info, but that's ok.

Happy days!


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