Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Finally got my acceptance package!

YES. I finally have my rite of passage in my hands.
Got duplicate acceptance packages because I had to sort out the mailing address? Everything else seemed to come within 2-3 days. But I'm happy I have it now.

Kept drawing after the last post, almost continuously whenever it was possible, here's some of the better stuff:
Memory practice for anatomy + Top and Bottom angles practice. No reference. I like how it turned out! But I need to work on my shading. Guy sitting at the bottom isn't very accurate. :(
Creature Doodle, Pseudo-Kraken. I actually only drew this guy to have an adult form of some little ammonite-esque baby creatures I was drawing through a fossil-presentation. I love doodling animals.
 Some mall sketches from yesterday. I need to get faster, and to get shapes down more quickly. Once I get good at this, I'll try getting the personality and main shapes rather than a kind of quick likeness. 
Some doodles on the ride home. The man wearing the pagri that was sitting in front of me had AMAZING facial structure, and tied his head dress so well. Wicked beard too.
Thanks and happy days!


  1. the kraken reminds me of suicune!

  2. Haha, I can see where you'd get that.


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